Cedarwood Bracelet

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Children of the Forest
The natural cedar lets you feel the freshness and freedom of the forest every day.
Our bracelets are combined with real onyx or ceramic to create a marbled look. 
Help the forest! It's your decision. We know you are making the right choice.

Why are the bracelets made of wood?

Circumference: 15 - 25 cm (malleable under the influence of heat)


You buy one of our products and we use imately 85% of the profit to plant trees. We plant one tree per bracelet.


What happens to the rest?

The remaining 15% is reinvested to improve our service for you and to expand our reach so that more people become aware of our project. - See the annual reports


Where are the trees planted?

The decision of where the trees are planted is not made by us. Our partner organization OroVerde is responsible for distributing the funds geographically. Most of the trees, however, are planted in Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

How can I be sure that they are really going to be planted?

The trees are planted by OroVerde. At the beginning of each quarter, we publish our donation receipt here. Learn more about planting at OroVerde. 

OroVerde is a recognized non-profit foundation. Their projects are closely monitored, and their annual report is checked by an auditor. OroVerde also bears the DZI donation seal, which confirms their transparent and economical use of donations. This way you can be sure that your trees are actually being planted.


Why are the bracelets made of wood?

It sounds paradoxical, but it's not. A tree is planted for each bracelet. But consider how many bracelets can be made from a tree! We plant 100,000 new trees for each tree'a worth of wood used. 

Wood is one of the most wonderful raw materials and it is 100% natural and environmentally friendly when it is harvested in a sustainable way. That's why it's about planting more than you use. Only in this way can we guarantee a green future no, any future at all.

Are trees also being planted in Europe?

That's a good question! We have asked ourselves this very thing and are now looking for a way to cooperate with cities at the local level. We want to it possible for us to transform gray concrete deserts back into green, livable oases.

What materials are the bracelets made of?

The wooden bracelet is made of onyx stone and cedar wood. This comes from East Asia.

The volcanic bracelet is made of real volcanic rock. The place of origin varies.

The Oceanblue bracelet is made of jade.

The natural stone pair bracelets are made of Bian stone and agate.

The Colorful Love couple bracelets are made of Bian stone, American jasper and green-dot jade.

A good friend in China takes care of the production and represents our values. However, we are currently setting up sustainable production in Germany. 

Why should I participate?

A healthy deciduous tree produces up to 20 kg of oxygen in one day. That's enough for 16 people to breathe. A fully grown tree binds approx. 9000 kg CO₂ per year and 100 kg of fine dust.

4 new trees = remove the pollution created by 1 year of driving a car - more on this


Plant a tree today!


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