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Cedar wood bracelet

Cedar wood bracelet

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For forest children

The natural cedar wood lets you feel the freshness and freedom of the forest every day.
The whole combined with real onyx or ceramic in marble look. 
Help the forest! It's your decision. We know you're making the right choice.

Our most popular bracelet by far for more than 4 years now. We are infinitely grateful for 27,963 bracelets sold and many more trees.

We cannot manufacture this bracelet in Jena due to the elastic strap. We only sell from stock. Once stock is empty, this bracelet will no longer be available. We have decided to only offer Made in Germany.

Why are the bracelets made of wood?

Circumference: 15 - 25 cm (heat adjustable)

Not suitable for small children. Danger of swallowing!

Shipping & Exchange

From an order value of 20€ you get free shipping.

Your bracelets can be exchanged at any time and immediately. We don't ask questions.


Since we make the bracelets by hand, the size may vary slightly. The bracelets are designed to fit 95% of all customers. If it still doesn't fit, just send us a message via chat and we'll resize it for you.

Care of the bracelets

We develop our bracelets so that you can take them with you wherever you go. You can wear your bracelet in bed and in the shower.
In fact, it is good for stone beads to be washed from time to time to remove the oils from the skin and thus bring out the structure again.

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1. Choose the location of your trees
2. Name your trees
3. Follow their story via app

Also great as a gift. The trees come with the bracelet as a QR code and can be given away.