Beginning mid-2019 we switched from donations to sponsorships.

Sponsorships up to and including December: To be released
Confirmation from Oro Verde: click me

Sponsorship transmission up to and including October: click me
Confirmation from Oro Verde: click me

Proof of donations up to and including May: click me 
Confirmation from OroVerde: click me


Quarter 4 - Annual Report: To be released
Quarter 3 - Annual Report: click me
Quarter 2 - Annual Report: click me
Quarter 1 - Annual Report: click me


December 2018
- Annual report: https://goo.gl/Yx82Ed
- Proof of donations: https://goo.gl/4M6RRg

- Annual Report 2018 -  https://goo.gl/opYVUx
- Proof of donations: see December