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Management: 0€ (waiver)
Salary level 1 (management & organization): 15€ / h
Salary level 0 (handicrafts such as production & shipping): 13€ / h

Gender Representation
50% m | 50% w

Number of employees
3x mini job
1x full time


  • Ab 01.12.2020: Products are manufactured in Jena, Germany.
  • earlier products, was sustainably and responsibly sourced from China. (stock is sold out >> no new orders)





January to August: Tree protection in Germany: 3.300 m2
August to December inclusive: Trees in Kenya and Madagascar: 2,550 seedlings



Baum Sponsoring OroVerde

Quarter 4: 10,132 seedlings
Quarter 3: 12,727 seedlings
Quarter 2: 7,562 seedlings
Quarter 1: 8,945 seedlings


From mid-2019 we switched from donations to sponsorship.
Sponsorship Submission up to incl. December: click me
Certification by Oro Verde: click me

Sponsorship Submission up to incl. October: click me
Confirmation from Oro Verde: click me

Proof of donation up to incl. May: click me 
Confirmation from Oro Verde: click me



December 2018
-Annual report:
-Proof of donations:

November :
- Annual Report 2018 -
-Proof of donations: see December

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