Natural stone couple bracelets


With these two bracelets you plant 2 trees.

Important! The natural stone absorbs fat from the skin when worn for a long time. This will make the texture fade. Please take it into the shower once a week to keep the texture visible. Alternatively, you can clean it in the sink with soap.

Shipping is free. If your order also contains other products, these may be sent in a separate package.

You buy one of our products and we use imately 85% of the profit to plant trees. We plant one tree per bracelet.


What happens to the rest?

The remaining 15% is reinvested to improve our service for you and to expand our reach so that more people become aware of our project. - See the annual reports


Where are the trees planted?

The decision of where the trees are planted is not made by us. Our partner organization OroVerde is responsible for distributing the funds geographically. Most of the trees, however, are planted in Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

How can I be sure that they are really going to be planted?

The trees are planted by OroVerde. At the beginning of each quarter, we publish our donation receipt here. Learn more about planting at OroVerde. 

OroVerde is a recognized non-profit foundation. Their projects are closely monitored, and their annual report is checked by an auditor. OroVerde also bears the DZI donation seal, which confirms their transparent and economical use of donations. This way you can be sure that your trees are actually being planted.


Why are the bracelets made of wood?

It sounds paradoxical, but it's not. A tree is planted for each bracelet. But consider how many bracelets can be made from a tree! We plant 100,000 new trees for each tree'a worth of wood used. 

Wood is one of the most wonderful raw materials and it is 100% natural and environmentally friendly when it is harvested in a sustainable way. That's why it's about planting more than you use. Only in this way can we guarantee a green future no, any future at all.

Are trees also being planted in Europe?

That's a good question! We have asked ourselves this very thing and are now looking for a way to cooperate with cities at the local level. We want to it possible for us to transform gray concrete deserts back into green, livable oases.

What materials are the bracelets made of?

The wooden bracelet is made of onyx stone and cedar wood. This comes from East Asia.

The volcanic bracelet is made of real volcanic rock. The place of origin varies.

The Oceanblue bracelet is made of jade.

The natural stone pair bracelets are made of Bian stone and agate.

The Colorful Love couple bracelets are made of Bian stone, American jasper and green-dot jade.

A good friend in China takes care of the production and represents our values. However, we are currently setting up sustainable production in Germany. 

Why should I participate?

A healthy deciduous tree produces up to 20 kg of oxygen in one day. That's enough for 16 people to breathe. A fully grown tree binds approx. 9000 kg CO₂ per year and 100 kg of fine dust.

4 new trees = remove the pollution created by 1 year of driving a car - more on this


Plant a tree today!


Andy L.

Beautiful gift for couples, look really nice. And a good deed comes out too :)

Thomas E.

Great quality and fast order processing

Eliana M.

the best bracelets I've ever had

Ronny L.


Francesca D.

Fantastic material, fast shipping, very nice idea and very nice bracelet

Olaf S.

very comfortable to wear and beautiful as a partner bracelet

Franziska R.

Bought it for me and my boyfriend for their anniversary. He was really happy :) it looks cool and at the same time you do something good! Win win I would say ;)

Melanie K.

Super nice bracelets, the delivery came faster than expected and it is nice that with the purchase something good is done.

Alexander S.

Very comfortable to wear and then you do something good with it. The delivery was surprisingly fast. I am quite sure that I will or must order another one.

Marco A.


Philip S.

Super cool bracelets, if it's for a good cause then any time again ;)

Kai W.

Super quality and beautiful like on the pictures of the website

A H.


Alexander F.

I love this colour combination - timeless / modern / expressive!

Niklas I.


Carsten D.

Very good material and top wearing comfort.

David M.

I love the bracelets and the idea behind them! I have ordered some more directly

Melinda K.

The bracelets look beautiful and arrived much faster than expected. The only drawback: even before they were put on, the first scratch on the bracelet was visible (it may have already arrived like that, I can't say exactly - in which case it would probably be due to the transport), furthermore, according to the partner, the bracelets constantly pull at the arm hairs. But one can live with that. I can only recommend them to everyone, you won't find more beautiful bracelets! By the way, I cannot confirm after some time of wearing them that the bracelets are prone to scratches. In our case, maybe it was just bad luck.

Daniel H.

Just find it great beautiful jewellery and at the same time a little bit of good done - great thing! I wish you and us that you still have a lot of success with this idea!

Hoang-Anh D.

Is now my 3rd product! I love the concept

Denise N.

To do something good is close to my heart and to my friend's. Besides, the bracelets are simply beautiful and go with every outfit. We will definitely buy more :D

Nora E.

The bracelets will be a birthday present for my sister. They arrived super fast, and look exactly like the photos. On very narrow wrists they might fit a little bit loose, but better than too tight!

Bernd S.

Super good...

Wiebke K.

The bracelets are super, just as expected!

Thomas K.

Very nice bracelets and high-quality impression! Quick delivery and the planting action I think is super! I love what you are doing and I think it is important to protect our planet!

Steffen L.

Really very nice bracelets and a great concept behind it! Sympathetic young company. With pleasure again!

Heike B.

....can be worn super, both for me the bracelets have ne meaning and that is my constellation fish. The bluish band is the one fish swimming in the right direction and the dark band is the other fish swimming in the opposite direction...... as it sometimes is.♀️

Susanne W.

Looks really very beautiful and high quality.

Dagmar M.

Fast delivery, fits perfectly and even after one strap is torn, fast and uncomplicated processing, get something new immediately.

inge b.

Very pleasant to wear, a nice gift for her, him, it!

Stephan W.

Great merchandise

Susan N.

A great idea I hope it appeals to many people

Andrea M.

Super fast delivery. Lovely packaging. Courteous customer service by e-mail contact. Bracelets very beautiful. My girlfriend has the blue one. pearls/stones a little cold at the beginning, then pleasant warm. Next I would like a wooden bracelet.

Petra S.

Beautiful and with it two more trees planted. I am sure there will be many more! ❤️

Max M.

I think it's a great thing that when you buy a bracelet, a tree is planted. I wear it every day and I think the bracelet is just great and the workmanship is top!

Anikke T.

Very nice workmanship and beautiful design

Marina H.

Fast delivery and the bracelets are really beautiful! Fits me and my partner. The only thing I have to complain about is that the DIN A4 sheet is very thick and white. A recycled paper, especially if you choose sustainable packaging, would be better in my opinion.

Liane S.

Very comfortable to wear and both together look very pretty. Since I like to wear black and blue, the colour composition is great. I think it is also a great gift. Think about some friends.

Sabrina A.


I am very satisfied, I also gave one to my best friend.


Elke S.


I am looking forward to giving the bracelets as a present. A small certificate to cut out on your accompanying letter, with the note that a tree was planted for this bracelet and your logo, I would love. In the future, buyers could enclose the certificate with every bracelet when giving it away. (There would be enough space on your letter and the effort would be limited). With kind regards Elke


Alice R.


Great idea with which you can do good. I gave it as a present to my boyfriend and he found the bracelet very beautiful and it fitted perfectly. Thanks for such dedicated people!


Fatme A.


The bracelets are super nice but a little too small.


Angelica B.


Super nice bracelets. Would order them again anytime


Mrs K.


Very nice bracelets. At the moment I still wear them both myself but that will change.


Sam F.


The bracelets are very nice. Since I am rather small I did not have to make it bigger. It also fits a bit looser, which does not bother me personally.


Nicole S.


Shipping was faster than expected, the bracelets are beautiful and my friend was very happy about the gift and the good deed :) Nice feeling to have done something good 'on the side'. Unfortunately I find the ribbons a bit too small... I think one stone more would not be bad :) Nevertheless super great ribbons *_*


Hans S.


Bracelet turns out exactly as expected. Price is very reasonable, delivery was very fast. I am completely satisfied.


Hannah G.


The bracelets look very high quality and fit together very well. Both bracelets are the same size and I have rather narrow wrists, so the size fits me perfectly.


Lena N.


Gave it as a present to my girlfriend. She was very happy, especially because of the tree that is being planted.


Sara R.


After I had bad luck with my first bracelet and it was damaged during transport, the team sent me a new one for the damaged bracelet. This time it does not seem to have been damaged, but I have only been wearing it since yesterday. Thank you very much for the fast and kind service. And if the bracelet remains intact, it is really beautiful :)


Dorothee K.


Much nicer than on the photo! My son is happy, my daughters envious...


Fam. K.


Very good quality and visually an eye-catcher.


Sofia F.


Beautiful bracelets! Unfortunately both have the same size, it fits me perfectly, my life partner unfortunately not :(

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