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Dark lava

Dark lava

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Arisen from the volcano, cooled by the waves of the sea.
Experience the power of nature

Just the facts:

  • size adjustable (arm circumference 13-20cm)
  • black volcanic stone beads
  • Copper rings
  • waxed cotton thread
  • Handmade in Germany 

Each band is unique

This bracelet is the first in ours own production will be produced. Lots precise and perfectly executed hand movements are necessary so that these handcrafted bracelets can be created. Every now and then, of course, we can make a mistake. Please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can fix the error immediately.

CO2 balance

Extraction of raw materials (4g CO2)
Further processing (1g CO2)
Transport routes (14g CO2)

-   Total: 20g CO2 / tape (= 1.5 min breathing or driving 130 meters in a car)
+   a "fully grown" tree absorbs approx. 1.000 kg CO2 / year.

Shipping & Exchange

From an order value of 20€ you get free shipping.

Your bracelets can be exchanged at any time and immediately. We don't ask questions.


Since we make the bracelets by hand, the size may vary slightly. The bracelets are designed to fit 95% of all customers. If it still doesn't fit, just send us a message via chat and we'll resize it for you.

Care of the bracelets

We develop our bracelets so that you can take them with you wherever you go. You can wear your bracelet in bed and in the shower.
In fact, it is good for stone beads to be washed from time to time to remove the oils from the skin and thus bring out the structure again.

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1. Choose the location of your trees
2. Name your trees
3. Follow their story via app

Also great as a gift. The trees come with the bracelet as a QR code and can be given away.