Dark lava


Arisen from the volcano, cooled by the waves of the sea.
Experience the power of nature

Just the facts:

  • size adjustable (arm circumference 13-20cm)
  • black volcanic stone beads
  • Copper rings
  • waxed cotton thread
  • Handmade in Germany 

Each band is unique

This bracelet is the first in ours own production will be produced. Lots precise and perfectly executed hand movements are necessary so that these handcrafted bracelets can be created. Every now and then, of course, we can make a mistake. Please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can fix the error immediately.

CO2 balance

Extraction of raw materials (4g CO2)
Further processing (1g CO2)
Transport routes (14g CO2)

-   Total: 20g CO2 / tape (= 1.5 min breathing or driving 130 meters in a car)
+   a "fully grown" tree absorbs approx. 1.000 kg CO2 / year.

You buy one of our products and we use approx. 85% of the profit to turn forests in Germany into a tangible protected area. 
Each bracelet corresponds to approximately one square meter of forest, which is protected. 

What will happen to the rest?
The remaining 15% will be reinvested to improve our service for you and to expand our reach so that more people are aware of our project. - to the annual reports

Where is the forest protected?
At the moment we are concentrating on forest areas in Thuringia so that everyone gets an opportunity to visit their forest. 

How can I be sure that the forest is really being protected with the money?
Very easily! Stop by your forest and take a walk to visit your tree. 
After your purchase, we will add your account to our database and you will receive a message with GPS coordinates for your forest as soon as we have protected your forest. 

Why are the bracelets made of wood?
It sounds paradoxical. But it's not. A tree is planted for each bracelet. But consider how many bracelets can be made from a tree can. So we plant 100,000 new trees for each tree. 
It's not working therefore not to use any more wood. Wood is one of the most wonderful raw materials and it is too 100 % natural and environmentally friendly. That's why it's about planting more than you use. Because only in this way can we guarantee a green future - no, a future at all.

Why should I take part?

A healthy deciduous tree produces up to 20 kg of oxygen in one day. That's enough for 16 people to breathe. A fully grown tree binds approx. 9000 kg CO₂ per year and 100 kg fine dust.

4 trees = 1 year driving a car - more on this


Plant a tree too!