Abholzung im tropischen Regenwald

Our earth has a land area of about 130 million km². 8000 years ago, 60 million km² of it - almost half - was covered with forest. Today there are still 46 million km². Only 13.4 million km² of it is rainforest and this number is also decreasing continuously. In the 10 years from 2000 to 2010 alone, over 1,300,000 km² of forest was cut down. In other words, every second, 0.5 hectares of forest are cut down - that's half a soccer field!

This has to be counteracted because the rainforest is the only thing that protects us from a global climate catastrophe! It converts the poisonous carbon dioxide into vital oxygen and provides a habitat for many animals and plants.

Only YOU can do something against the clearing of the rainforest! Support our organization by buying one of our bracelets so that we can reforest the rainforest. Because the fall of the rainforest means the fall of man!

Be a hero Save our forests! Plant for our planet!