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Trees are the future, trees are life - because every single tree absorbs several tons of carbon dioxide over the course of its growth cycle and thus plays an important role in global climate protection. With their canopy and root systems, forests prevent erosion and are also an important reservoir of water. At the same time, tropical rainforests are an important habitat. Two thirds of all animal and plant species worldwide can be found here. Areas that havebeen cleared are now being reforested with native trees so that the forest can recover as an important water reservoir, climate regulator, and habitat for numerous species.


Plant4Planet supports the reforestation programs of OroVerde, e.g., in Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. With your purchase, OroVerde can finance more seedlings. The project also includes the establishment and operation of tree nurseries, the acquisition of tree saplings, and of course the planting activities and also the care of young trees (this is made possible by other donations).

Working hand in hand with local people is particularly important for the success of reforestation, because around a quarter of the people living on earth are directly or indirectly dependent on the forest. In the tropics, poverty is a driving factor in deforestation. As part of the reforestation programs, people recognize and experience the value of their forest as a livelihood. Through the forest-friendly cultivation of coffee, cocoa, and fruit trees in so-called Agroforestry Systems, OroVerde  creates sustainable and forest-friendly sources of income and helps people with food security. Their saplings also grow in tree nurseries and are planted in species-rich mixed cultures with native rainforest trees. This creates a “forest garden” on the edge of the old rainforest, which protects it and at the same time becomes a habitat for numerous animals and plants.

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Communities take part in the planting campaigns and take care of the young trees in the tree nurseries and in the planting areas. Until the seedlings themselves are big enough, they have to be checked regularly for the first two years and cut free of overgrown grass. This means regular excursions to the agroforestry parcels and the reforestation areas in mountain regions that are often difficult to access, mostly on foot. In this way, OroVerde ensures that the seedlings that financed with your purchase also grow into strong trees.

Background information about OroVerde:

OroVerde - Translated from Spanish, it means “green gold.” This reflects the value of the rainforest. They extend as a green, living ribbon along the equator. For over 30 years, OroVerde  has worked for the protection of this special treasure. OroVerde develops, finances, and tests innovative tropical forest protection projects in Asia and Central and South America. OroVerde combines tropical forest protection with development aid, which is exactly what makes their work so successful, because poverty is one of the most important drivers of forest destruction. Together with the local people, OroVerde rebuilds the rainforest, establishing protected areas and developing alternative sources of income that are gentle on the forest. Also, OroVerde is active in Europe, providing environmental education in schools and consumer information to raise awareness of the connections between consumption and the rainforest. OroVerde handles your donations responsibly: they were one of the first environmental organizations in Germany to have attained in 2015 the DZI donation seal.

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