How environmentally friendly and social are we as a company?

How we make the world a better place:

- Search engine in the company: Ecosia
- Electricity: Gera Business GREEN -  Green electricity according to Article 5 of the EC Directive
- Use of FSC certified wood

What we still have to work on:

Production in China (from September in Germany)

CO2 through eco-shipping: 70g / band
(1 person generates approx. 800g Co2 per day through breathing)

Better wage in China
We are negotiating with the manufacturer to pay the workers an extra salary. This includes 15 cents per bracelet. Due to the low cost of living, this can be compared to € 1 in Germany.
Thus we enable the workers to live a middle class life without having to worry about money.

€ 0.15 / band x 20 bands / h = € 3 / h  (comparable in Germany with an additional 15 € / h)