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Palm seeds

Planting instructions: Canary Island Date Palm

1. The pre-treatment: To prevent the seeds from going moldy, the first step is to remove the pulp and fibers from the seeds. You can do this in the dry as well as in the wet state. Our tip: take an old towel and put the seeds in it. Then rub the seeds together with the towel. As a result, most of the pulp is already peeling off. You may have to remove a few more bits by hand.

You can then soak the seeds in lukewarm water for about 24-48 hours.

2. The sowing: The seeds can now be sown either in a germination box or in a germination bag (ziplock bag or ziplock bag) with slightly moist coconut humus (air-permeable and low in nutrients). Sowing in perlite is also possible. Our tip: Pick up the substrate with your hand and press it tightly with your hands until no more drops come out. Then you should get the correct result. Remember to put your name and date on the bag and close it tightly. No light is required for sowing. At a warm room temperature, the seeds often germinate without any problems (but better than 30 ° C).

3. Germination: Now you have to be a little patient. The germination time of palm species can vary widely and be irregular, but most palm seeds will germinate after 4-6 weeks, so check your bags weekly for rooting. After sprouting, you can now plant the seedlings in individual pots. We wish you every success with the cultivation.

More information about care here: Pflanzen/dattelpalmen/kanarien-dattelpalme


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